My first day in Omaha must be told so people understand my fear of severe weather. I had just arrived in Omaha, and I was exploring my new home. The only thing I had known about Omaha or Nebraska, was that it had tornadoes. I had envisioned that the basement would be something underground that I had to go outside to access, so you can imagine my surprise when I walked down to our basement and it was only half underground! I thought to myself that there was no way if a tornado came we would be safe only being half under ground.

I went outside to continue my exploring, and I heard this eerie sound of these sirens that I had never heard before. I asked my dad what that awful sound was and he informed me that those were the tornado sirens, and that they were testing them. That they did that once a month and there was nothing to be worried about. So I took his word and continued to look around and get acquainted with my new home.

It was my mom’s birthday that day, so later that evening we were getting ready to go out to eat to celebrate. I was outside waiting and I began to see the sky turn this strange green color. I had never seen a green sky before. I also started to see lightening so I went inside. As I was going up the stairs, I heard those eerie sirens again. I was confused as to why they were going off again, so I asked my dad again what they were, and why they were going off. “Are they testing those again dad?” His response this time was with a little more fear and he said we should go into the basement.

We went in the basement and turned on the TV. The news reports were all saying that we were in a tornado warning and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like death hitting the house, but was golf ball sized hail. I had never even experienced something like this before. I mean we came from Arizona. The sever storms there are only bad lightening and massive amounts of rain during monsoon season. Nothing like this. Not to mention, I had only been in Omaha for like 6 hours and I already was terrified for my life. I remember my brother and I were hiding under a desk crying that we wanted to move back to Arizona. I soon was introduced to how powerful some of the storms can get here. And from that moment on, I became fearful of any storm. Severe or not. But little did I know at the time, the weather storms would be nothing compared to the storms ahead in my life.

One thought on “Omaha

  1. Great story!! I know you’re terrified and I’m sorry for that! But when you’re from Nebraska…you can’t wait to hear those sirens and go look at the dark sky!!


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